Bladder instillation

Here is how I mix MY instillation cocktail–different docs use different meds–all have same idea—STOP THE PAIN!!

I use 10 ml of 1% Lidocaine, 5 ml of 8.4% sodium bicarb, and 100 mg Elmiron capsule emptied into solution.  I hope you can hold it for at least 45 mins–don’t pee unless you really have to.  For the first 20 minutes, you may feel quite a bit of warmth, then you start to feel some relief–some feel good at 30 mins–some need to give it 45 minutes.

Some docs use 2% Lidocaine.   Some use Heparin—drawing up the meds all follow the same idea.


So—a lot of docs use Heparin–I stopped using this several years (over 10 years ago), when there was the heparin contamination fiasco in the USA (where I was practicing).  I called Duke University IC clinic, and they were using Elmiron, which also has heparin like activity–and results were same as Heparin and WAY less money!!

The only drug APPROVED for use as a bladder instillation is DMSO–but MOST docs will use a cocktail–all the drugs in the cocktail have been used in many studies on bladder pain with good success–and we know how long it takes the government to do anything—like approve a decent cocktail!!

Now–sometimes–a bladder instillation can aggravate a flare of your bladder and, I hate to tell you,  you may have to do an instillation every day for a  few days, and really watch your diet, and just keep yourself comfortable during a flare.

I will try to get someone to volunteer to show how to insert the catheter—so that will be added to this post as soon as I can get it done.

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