Well–my trainer is surprised it has taken me this long to hit a plateau–but I am like–WHY HAVE I HIT ONE???–I’m exercising like crazy!!!!   The math was working!

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Don’t you just love that as you lose weight you are rewarded with FEWER calories!   I liked it at the beginning—I could eat 1800 calories, and burn more for less.  Now that I am FITTER, I only  burn 700 calories, and hour instead of the 1000+ it took before, for the same exercise!

So–after putting in 3-5 hour days at the gym–like I have so little time to meet up with friends, it’s ridiculous–I see NO WEIGHT loss–for a month now–and I have broken the 30 min 5 K   down to 26:36–and can even run 1K at 7.5 mph without feeling I’ll die.   I am swimming HARD for at least an hour or two a day, I’m doing weights 4 hours a week…

…so…my trainer says for me to read about OVERTRAINING!

Is this like getting the kidney stone for eating too much spinach?

I settle in to read..


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  1. You’re tired and cranky (what???   I’m not witty and CHARMING??)
  2. You find it hard to get going in the morning (nope—still a morning person)
  3. You’re doing more than 5 hours a week of training (hmmm–guilty—I can do 3-5 hours a DAY!)
  4. if your resting heart rate increases—one article says to take pulse while still in bed, then one minute, then 2 minutes after getting up, and if it increases by more than 10 beats, that is  a warning (I increased by 6 beats – from 58 to 64)—then i found another article that says overtrained athletes had LOWER pulses at maximum effort when overtrained.   So—nobody really knows!!
  5. Insatiable thirst—I have been drinking water like a fiend since I STARTED this journey–still drinking–and have to MAKE myself drink!
  6. Sore muscles for over 72 hours—don’t know how I’m going to check this one out—I meet with trainer 4 days a week–I’m perpetually low grade soreness–especially my shoulders.   Legs are fine!  But, that has been since day 1.  I haven’t done anything now for 36 hours-well I just walked the dog 7 K, and I am NOT sore!
  7. Insomnia—nope–sleep like a log!   I AM sometimes exhausted–but I am sometimes up all night for a delivery–but I do tend to push myself, even when I am beat to a snot–I have actually wanted to nap between sets!  Nice thing about having all my kids grown and out of the house is that I can nap, whenever I want, at home!
  8. Getting sick often—-my TRAINER gets sick often–I am virtually never sick–2 days I felt crummy last year—I have taken less than 5 sick days in 30 years!
  10. Depression—thankfully–no issues there.
  11. LACK of motivation—I still look forward to going, but don’t mind it when a session is cancelled—although I have gone and done the weights by myself–so I guess I am still quite motivated.
  12. You can’t remember the last time you took a day off from gym.  Well every other Saturday. Thursdays, and sometimes Mondays—and I ‘ll see about today  (Sunday)-I do take off at least 1 day a week, and VEG out.

I only meet one or two of the warning signs–this is like ANY illness–everybody has a symptom that can match something!  But I feel energetic, motivated and my performance is improving.  The articles all say you notice a DECLINE in performance.  Then another article says that plateau of weight is the most important sign–so now I’m really confused—if I don’t work out I won’t lose weight—if I DO work out I won’t lose weight….aarrggghhhhh!!!!

So–I may be OVER REACHING–but don’t think I am over training(I should listen to the trainer though).   I will  try to limit to 3 hours max a day.  Oh dear–that will be hard on Fridays–my “heavy day”   I have another doctor who covers me on Thursday night to 2 pm Friday–so Thursday is my KNITTING (see!! I DO take time off with friends), and Friday is my half day in office so I typically swim for 60-90 minute in am, swim 60 mins from 12-1, then Aquatic exercise from 1:15 to 1:50 then I will eat lunch, then run 5K, then do weights for an hour.  I feel great at the end of the day!

It means –I hope–that I can REST on the weekend.

So—I am revamping the meals.  I am going to start weighing and measuring my food again–maybe I am getting lax.  I will eat more protein, and continue on—I knew the last 30 would be hard–it won’t be 2 pounds a week–but I would be happy with ONE.  Meanwhile, I am getting enough compliments from everybody, that I am still VERY motivated to keep going–it’s like a game now!

Only thing I need to work on is my PATIENCE with the process!  And–maybe back off a bit on the exercise…….the trainer is always right………sigh!